BioGraham Hobart was born and raised in what is now Zimbabwe. As a young man, he would often travel by bicycle to remote parts of Africa and encounter a wide variety of wildlife very close-up. He would be gone for weeks, then months, at a time exploring as far as his legs, and determination, would take him. Before he was photographing the wildlife he was drawing and sculpting them.

“One time I rode my bicycle up to the main gate of Hwange National Park”, Graham recalls, “where wide-eyed park rangers explained that I was not permitted to enter the park by bicycle......because I might be eaten!” 

Graham only carried a crude “Instamatic” style camera back then, and it was only after college, while doing humanitarian work in the Congo, that he decided to start photographing the amazing people and places around him. Now, many years later, after raising a family in London and the US, Graham has decided to return to his roots and revisit the thrill of the wild. 

Graham Hobart draws on more than twenty five years of experience as a professional photographer. He learned his craft on large format film cameras long before the days of digital photography.

Graham tells us "I have been very fortunate to have been able to spend my adult life capturing the most amazing places, people and animals. Being a wildlife photographer has been my passport to worlds I could never have experienced otherwise."