GHR6134SmallWe are already taking names of those interested in joining us on photo-safari in East Africa in 2018. This time we will be traveling to Tanzania. We are going to limit the number of photographers to around 4 per vehicle.

In case you don't already know Graham Hobart's work has been exhibited by National Geographic in London, The Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C., the Booth Western Art Museum in Georgia and featured by Nikon Cameras in Expos and magazine articles. Graham also lectures on the topic of wildlife photography across the Unitesd States.

In every aspect of your trip you will be guided. From helping you choose the right equipment before you leave to showing you how to safely back up your images while out in the bush to doing evening critiques to make sure that you are making progress. This is a very comprehensive as well as intensive learning experience. In addition to all of this each vehicle will have an experienced guide explaining the animals and plants as well as geology of each region.

This is an all inclusive trip especially designed for photographers of all levels who want to improve the way they capture wildlife and nature in general. All transportation, food and lodging is included from the time you arrive to the day you leave.

Those who contact Graham Hobart first will get a chance to give imput as to how long the safari will last and the overall budget.