History of Exhibitions

In A Different Light, as a photographic style, had it's beginning in 2011. The look and feel of "old Victorian lithographs" was noticed immediately as a unique contribution to the art world and in 2012 National Geographic (in their London gallery space) hosted the debut exhibition which ended in early 2013.

By January, 2013 Nikon USA (Nikon cameras) placed Graham's work on their "Wall of Fame" at the Imaging USA Expo in Atlanta, GA and asked him do do 3 lectures while he was there.

A few months later Nikon featured Graham's work on the cover (and main featured article) on the topic of his career in their famous flagship publication "Nikon World".

It was at this time (2013) that one of the world's most prestigeous paper companies, Canson Paper, agreed to sponsor Graham and started showing prints of his work at their tradeshows all over North America and Europe. 

Still in that same year (2013) Tanzania's largest art gallery, The Cultural Heritage Center, in Arusha, Tanzania began to represent Mr. Hobart. So far all profits from those sales have been spent within Tanzania's National Parks which goes a long way to supporting wildlife conservation efforts.

It was also in 2013 that Graham Hobart was noticed by the Booth Western Art museum in Cartersville, GA who asked him to show his African work and give a lecture to their photographer's guild. This lead to a pivotal moment in Graham Hobart's career because it lead to the commission by the Booth Museum for a large peice of art that would be captured in the, now famous, infrared illustrative style. But this time, instead of capturing Africa, the work would capture the essence of the "American West". 

In 2014 Graham Hobart's style found a home on the walls of a gallery in Dallas, Texas when the gallery, Artist's Showplace hosted a six week long solo exhibition. (In the photo you can see Graham giving a lecture on the gallery floor.)

In 2015 Graham Hobart submitted an entry into the world's most prestigeous wildlife photography competition, Wildlife photographer of the Year (Sponsored by The Natural History Museum in London), and made it to the semi finals. 

A few months later in early 2016 Graham submitted a different image to another prestigeous competition, Nature's Best photography Awards (sponsored by the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC) and this time was awarded first runner-up in the African BW category. The image of a leopard descending a tree is currently being exhibited in the nation's capital and afterwards will travel to many other cities worldwide.

In 2016, After many months of capturing tens of thousands of images across the American West Graham Hobart submitted the long anticipated print "In the fog of War - Bison Rut" to the Booth Western Art Museum. It is now part of their permanent collection. While delivering the final print Graham Hobart also showed other work captured since the commission began and afterwards Mr. Hobart was offered an invitation to put together a comprehensive body of work that will form a large solo exhibition at the Booth Museum in the near future.